This page is a "work table" in which there are boxes containing brief sketches of code or ideas to be developed. Sometimes the images in the boxes are screenshots of programs already developed in different programming languages, which I want to translate into P5js. The next three boxes are of this type.
These boxes are just a small initial example of the content of this page.

kite_0 kite_4

I am a kite enthusiast, and have flown them in many different situations. From my point of view the most interesting thing is that a simulator respects the real actions that are done in a flying field, even if in an approximate way. Winding or unwinding the line, moving forward or backward ... they must make the kite rise or fall realistically. To achieve this you don't need a lot of aerodynamics or math. This simple project, started in VBnet, then continued in Processing3 java, now I would like to complete it with P5js and I will share it. In the images you can see the wind intensity indicators both on the vertical and on the horizontal plane.

collisioni_0 collisioni_1

I tried to create (in Python language) a world populated by small square cells that could interact with each other and with the world. The procedure for describing positions and conditions and "decisions made" is based on a numerical system that uses 64 printable ASCII characters. In this way, a search on an information network could turn into a search on text strings. But I will talk about this in the future ...
Now I want to show a diagram that indicates a simple way, which I liked to program, to establish a criterion for crossing a border. This criterion is based on codes that indicate which and how many vertices crossed a border and where they did so. I was very happy when I saw that Kevin Workman, on his beautiful Happy Coding website, described many other methods (which you can read by activating this link) to detect collisions. I am publishing this little diagram because I think that the study of collisions, crossings and "inclusions" is sometimes simple but elegant. ... However, as I said at the beginning, this is the first "draft" of a page of ideas, inspirations, unfinished things ...